Outlander season three will answer one of the series’ biggest questions

A major book mystery will be solved when the show returns


As we continue to wait for Outlander season three (why do we have to hold out until September? WHY?) author Diana Gabaldon has been dropping hints about what to expect when Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) return to our TV screens.


“I do think that season three is going to be remarkably strong. I’ve seen the first nine episodes now put together and they’re fabulous, the first six especially are very close to the book,” the author tells RadioTimes.com.

“There are things that Claire told her daughter in flashback that we now see more or less in real life. They have expanded some of those,” Gabaldon explains.

But it’s the little “tweaks and additions” the writers have made that sound the most intriguing – could they solve one of the books’ biggest mysteries?

“There has always been the question in the books as to whether Frank was or was not unfaithful to Claire during their marriage and I’ve always left it ambiguous,” says Gabaldon. “People make up their own minds, generally on the basis of whether they like Frank or not.”

The show will finally give readers a definitive answer to that question because the writers have had to “come down on one side or the other”. And is the author happy with the side they’ve picked?

“I think the TV show treats him very fairly,” she says. We’ll have to wait until September 2017 to decide if we agree.


Outlander season 3 is set to debut in September 2017. Diana Gabaldon’s collection of Outlander novellas, titled Seven Stones to Stand or Fall, will be available from June 29th.