Claire faces off against Geillis in the Outlander season 3 finale

The stakes are high for our favourite highland couple in the last episode of season three

Outlander Season 3 Finale

The Droughtlander is coming! Outlander’s third season is almost at an end – but it looks as though Claire and Jamie are set to go out with a bang.


When last we saw the duo at the end of episode 12 they were being dramatically torn apart by British forces who hauled the highlander off to pay for his Edinburgh print shop crimes (remember he printed all those leaflets? Oh and his wife killed a bloke and they hid his body in a barrel of creme de menthe…) but that seems to be just the start of their problems.

A sneak peek at the dramatic series finale hints that Claire will have to go head to head with Geillis as she and Jamie race to save Ian from the Bakra’s clutches.

Young Ian has been held captive in Geillis’ house since his arrival in Jamaica, and it looks as though securing his release won’t be easy.

We all know Geillis is obsessed with finding her Scottish king, and with talk of a spot like Craigh na Dun popping up nearby, who knows what lengths she could go to to travel through time to find her missing monarch. Could she sacrifice Ian’s life – as she did with her husband – to get through the stones?


Only time will tell…

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