7 things to expect in Outlander season 3 episode 8

What awaits Claire and Jamie at the place they once called home?

Claire and Jamie Outlander Season 3 Episode 6 (Sony)

Outlander season three continues this week, airing on Sunday 5th November in the US and on Amazon Prime Video in the UK on Monday 6th November.


Find out what to expect with our spoiler-free preview of season three episode eight.

1. The gang head back to Lallybroch

Claire Outlander Season 3 Episode 6 (Sony)
Claire Outlander Season 3 Episode 6 (Sony)

It’s time for Claire to return to the house she once called home.

2. But they’re not exactly welcomed with open arms

Jamie’s been harbouring Ian and Jenny’s fugitive son and when mummy and daddy discover what he’s been up to they’re not best pleased.

3. Young Ian must face the music

The boy’s been running wild for quite some time now and his parents are positively furious with him. It’s little wonder, then, that when he gets his comeuppance it’s NOT a pretty punishment.

His brothers and sisters sure do find it amusing, though.

4. Jenny’s got a LOT of questions

Jenny Fraser Murray Outlander

If there’s one thing we LOVE Jamie’s sister for it’s her determination and spirit, and she’s not lacking in that department when we catch up with her. Jenny’s understandably suspicious about what her son has been up to and when it comes to her sister-in-law, she’s like a dog with a bone.

5. Tensions run HIGH

Everybody’s getting involved in everyone else’s business and the atmosphere at Lallybroch is positively lethal.

5. Jamie’s past comes back to haunt him

Outlander Sam Heughan season 3



7. And there’s more than one spectacular showdown

When it comes to entertainment ye cannae beat a Scottish war of words.

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