Outlander stars Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish will be joined by another former resident of Castle Leoch for their travel series, Men in Kilts, when Duncan Lacroix makes an appearance.


Men in Kilts is an upcoming eight-part series featuring Heughan and McTavish tripping around Scotland and learning and sharing facts and fables about the country.

Lacroix told TV Line:“You may just see me in it.”

He laughed: “It’s very brief, but yeah, look out for me.”

Starz commissioned Men in Kilts: A Roadtrip With Sam and Graham, an idea that grew from Heughan and McTavish’s initial idea for a podcast which delved into all things Scottish.

Fans of Amazon Prime Video's long-running historical fantasy drama Outlanders will already know how steeped in the lore of Scotland the show is, so a road trip featuring stars from the show was a natural fit.

According to Starz, Men in Kilts would "take viewers from the heart of Scotland at Glencoe, the site of a great massacre and major clan feud to Inverness and the Culloden battlefield, the site of a great battle and historic turning point, known well to fans of Outlander, that moulded Scotland as we know it today".

Men in Kilts would be “a celebration of Scottish history and culture as Heughan and McTavish take viewers along on their adventures, discovering the rich, complex heritage of their native country, meeting various local artisans and experts, and experiencing genuine moments of awe and fascination as the duo share their travels with the audience rather than simply guiding them.”

Lacroix exited Outlanders in season five when his character, Murtagh, died on the operating after the Battle of Alamance Creek. The fan favourite, and godfather to Heughan's character Jamie, said: “I was extremely grateful as an actor, and I was aware that I was very grateful for the fans’ reaction to that character as well."

Murtagh Outlander

Season six of Outlander was put on hold in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic after one episode of the 12-part series had been filmed. It's unclear whether production has resumed.

Starz has not announced a UK release for Men in Kilts, but as it's from the same network as Outlander it makes sense that the series will will also stream in the UK on Amazon Prime Video.


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