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Michelle Keegan reveals her favourite thing about filming Our Girl series 3

The BBC1 star says she hates the early morning starts, but loves getting dirty and not having to stay glamorous

Published: Tuesday, 9th October 2018 at 9:07 am

Our Girl star Michelle Keegan has never been afraid to throw herself in to filming for the BBC1 series, but we never realised how much she enjoys the dirty work involved in playing army medic Georgie Lane.


Keegan admits in the new issue of Radio Times that while she can't quite keep pace with the real-life military advisers who work on the BBC1 series, there's one aspect to her job she's more than capable of performing.

"I couldn't stand the early mornings!" she said when asked how acting compares to the Army. "Although I'm up early at the minute, we've had two military advisers with us since day one and before they start working at six in the morning they're in the gym at half four. They train every single day without fail. I couldn't do that."

So, if she's not a fan of the early starts, what is Keegan's favourite part of filming Our Girl?

"What I do like is rolling around getting dirty while filming," she said. "I always tell them to put more dirt on my face, it's really liberating."

She added that she's become used to not being able to 'glam up' during filming: "I haven't painted my nails for months because in the Army they have to have really short nails for hygiene reasons. Every day put grease in my hair to make it look sweaty and I have it up in a French plait. I love not wearing make-up here – but after a while it's nice to have a pamper sesh!"

Our Girl heads to Nepal in the upcoming third series, with a four-part story focusing on disaster relief following an earthquake.

The series kicks off on Tuesday 10th October at 9pm on BBC1, with eight more episodes planned for 2018. Read the full interview with Keegan and co-star Luke Pasqualino in the new issue of Radio Times, in shops from Tuesday 3rd October.


This article was originally published on 2 October 2017


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