The fourth season of Our Girl has come to an end, with viewers saying goodbye to Georgie Lane (Michelle Keegan) as the main character.


It was Georgie's toughest challenge yet, with many emotional highs and lows as she searched for answers regarding the demise of her beloved fiancé Elvis.

But with her storyline now wrapped up as Georgie found a kind of peace, what does the future hold for BBC One's military drama?

Will there be an Our Girl season 5?

The BBC drama has been entertaining viewers since it first made its debut in 2013, featuring two main characters in that time: first Molly Dawes (Lacey Turner) who left after two seasons, followed by Georgie Lane (Michelle Keegan).

However, with the fourth season drawing Georgie's story to a close, some fans have questioned whether her exit could spell the end of the show.

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There has yet to be an official word from the BBC concerning the show's status. That's not to say a fifth season won't be happening though. Showrunner Tony Grounds confirmed in April that the BBC has "yet to decide" on the future of the series.

"Well, I don't know, we'll see this one go out and then we'll, you know, see what happens," he said at a press screening ahead of season four. “I mean, I don't think it is fair to the BBC to decide until something's gone on and, that's the way it works,” he explained.

Who could return in a potential Our Girl season 5?

Michelle Keegan in Our Girl

All we know for certain so far is that Michelle Keegan won't be reprising her role if the BBC green-lights Our Girl season five.

After two years on the show, she's decided to move onto new projects. But the actress recently teased that there are plenty of other stars out there who could fill her shoes.

"[I've got] no one in mind, but there are so many great actresses out there now," she told the Express. "Now they can, you know, step into the role and bring something completely different and exciting to the show.”

Could Georgie's replacement be season four's Mimi (Amy-Leigh Hickman)? Will ex-EastEnders star Jacqueline Jossa play a new lead character, as has been rumoured? Maybe producers might even give Dani Dyer another shot?

jacqueline jossa eastenders return
Jacqueline Jossa

Lacey Turner has also admitted that she'd be happy to reprise her role of original series lead Molly. She told OK! magazine: "Well… you can never say never, I think. You just never know. I mean I’d love to see Molly Dawes again, but who knows?"

It's unclear at this stage if the show's supporting cast will also be revamped were it to return, or whether there'd be some crossover of characters as there was between the Molly and Georgie eras of the show. We've definitely seen the last of Fingers (Sean Ward) though. *sniff*

When could a potential Our Girl season 5 be released?

It's difficult to say – even if the show were to be renewed, its scheduling in previous years has been haphazard, with breaks of a single year or two years between seasons, and launch dates in spring, summer and autumn.

It's also possible that long-term ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic could impact on the show's future: though social distancing measures are not currently expected to be extended into 2021, the extended hiatus in all TV and film production could lead to a domino effect that delays other projects further down the line (with an increased demand on all production resources once filming is able to resume).


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