Our Girl is back – but viewers are missing Elvis like you wouldn’t believe

The BBC's Michelle Keegan army drama dropped in some Luke Pasqualino flashbacks and we weren't emotionally prepared

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Michelle Keegan army drama Our Girl deployed its series four debut on BBC1, an episode where army veteran Georgie Lane was dropped into Nigerian territory patrolled by terrorist group Boko Haram.


And it was a packed instalment: 2-Section welcomed back their medic, Captain James revealed he has a child with Molly Dawes and members of Lane’s squad were kidnapped in a final twist.

But there was one big thing missing: Elvis. That’s because – SPOILERS INCOMING – Georgie’s ex-fiance, played by Luke Pasqualino, died in her arms during the finale of series three.

And no, viewers are still not over that…

And things only got worse after Elvis returned to screens via a few tear-jerking flashbacks…

They’re not the only ones still saddened by Elvis’s departure. Keegan herself told Radiotimes.com she first wanted him to survive: “Yeah, I love romantic storylines and I’m like the audience – I would have loved them to live happily ever after and a part of me thinks that they should have.”

However, she has a good reason to think it was never going to work out between the two: “I would have loved to see them both leave the army together and have a normal life, but that would just never have happened because obviously they had the relationship with each other but they also had a relationship with the army and a lot of people who are in the army find it difficult to leave.”

So, we were never guaranteed a happy ending after all. And that knowledge might help us move past the memory of Elvis, right?

Maybe not.


Our Girl is on Tuesday at 9pm on BBC1