Our Girl fans are devastated by Elvis’s death

Luke Pasqualino's character was killed off in dramatic fashion during the series finale – and viewers are not coping well


Our Girl fans were left reeling when the show killed off one of its major – and best-loved – characters.


Elvis Hart, played by Luke Pasqualino, met his maker in the series finale after he was blasted from a roof by a terrorist bomb while on a mission in Kabul.

The special forces officer breathed his last in Corporal Georgie Lane’s (Michelle Keegan) arms, just hours after the pair had reunited and become engaged again. But Afghanistan is a dangerous place and as the episode progressed, we had a lurking feeling that all would not be well. Still, nothing prepared fans for the upset that was to follow.

Creator Tony Grounds tells RadioTimes.com that he had no choice to kill off Elvis, thanks to Pasqualino’s commitment to US series Snatch. But when polled, 86% of Our Girl fans told us they were “DEVASTATED” by the character’s death.

Of the 3,500 who cast their vote, just 4.5% said the twist was the right thing to do, while 6.8% said they “felt sad” about it and a further 2.5% were “just about coping”.

Our Girl will return for another miniseries in 2018, minus Elvis (sob) – click here for all the details about what’s in store for Georgie Lane and 2 Section.


This article was originally published in November 2017