Ordinary Lies viewers are distraught over #catgate

Forget the re-emergence of a Hear’Say singer, it’s all about the injured moggy...


A cat got squished by a door in the BBC drama Ordinary Lies last night and viewers are inconsolable.


Even though former Hear’Say singer Noel Sullivan popped up in the show to play a forklift truck driver, all anyone cared about was the poor cat that got trapped by the automatic door during an emotional scene between Holly (Kimberley Nixon) and Adam (John MacMillan).

The scene ended on a cliffhanger for the moggy, with a shot of its shaking body and the pair frantically trying to contact a vet.

On Twitter, the level of panic surrounding the cat’s condition ranged from “How’s the cat?” to “I’m hysterically crying”.

But luckily this guy was here to remind everyone that it’s just an “actor cat”.

Look out for this talented feline strolling up to accept a Bafta next awards season…


Ordinary Lies continues on BBC1 on Tuesday at 9pm