Ordinary Lies series 2 will be set abroad

Bringing in a new set of characters for the BBC drama is the “right decision” says actress Sally Lindsay, who also teases an entirely new location


The new series of BBC1 drama Ordinary Lies won’t just have a new set of characters, it’ll be set abroad, according to series one star Sally Lindsay.


The first run was set in JS Motors in Warrington and, as we reported at the end of the last year, its second outing will welcome a fresh cast with a fresh set of lies. The setting this time will be the headquarters of a large national sports goods company, but it seems the location will be even further from the original than we thought.

“It’s a completely different place – in a different country,” Lindsay told RadioTimes.com at last night’s National Television Awards. It means there’s no chance of a cameo for her character Kathy, but she’s not writing off a return further down the line.

“The thing with it is, this might go on for years. I could come back as something else – you never know.”

Lindsay thinks the change of cast for this new set of episodes is the right way to go.

“I think it had to be. Where do you go from there really?” she said of the line-up which included Jason Manford, Max Beesley and Michelle Keegan. “I think if it was called JS Motors we could have carried on, but it was Ordinary Lies. We all had this massive lie that was exposed – especially for Kathy, my character. I think it was a very wise decision actually. I know the other cast will be gutted, but I think it’s the right decision.”

As for the show’s success – earning rave reviews as soon as it launched – Lindsay said it was one of the most “phenomenal” things she’s done.


“I just thought it was brilliant. I think what it was, people didn’t have to commit to it, and we have to commit to things now. We have to commit to box sets and weekends and actually you could take one and catch up. I watched them all doing my ironing – and I’d read them so I knew what was happening – but they were all so brilliant. So interwoven. Just such a lovely piece of drama, really.”