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Olivia Colman: I would do Broadchurch again in 10 years

The Bafta-winning actress says she would "absolutely" be up for returning as DS Ellie Miller in a decade's time

Olivia Colman, Getty, SL
Published: Thursday, 1st February 2018 at 2:25 pm

Broadchurch bowed out for good last year with a bruising third and final series which saw David Tennant and Olivia Colman's DI Hardy and DS Miller investigating a rape case. And with Chris Chibnall already instated as the new showrunner of Doctor Who, his promise that that was the end of Broadchurch looks to be holding strong.


But were he interested in resurrecting his Bafta-winning series at a later date, one of his leads would take no persuading. Speaking at the Radio Times Covers Party on Tuesday, Olivia Colman confirmed she would "absolutely" reprise her role in Broadchurch should Chibnall return to the series in ten years' time: "Hell yes".

Although – if Colman had anything to do with it – Ellie Miller would look a little different...

"She'd be massive. She'd be too old to have any more babies but she would have enjoyed her cake and casserole, I reckon."

As for Alec, "he'd still be very thin – not eating enough. I can see it now."

Colman was one of a number of actors and creatives in attendance at the party at Claridges, London, including Aidan Turner, Steven Moffat and her Broadchurch co-star David Tennant. "David is one of my favourite people in the world," said Colman. "Any time spent with David is time well spent."


The pair were clearly relishing the opportunity to catch up. "He's got a whole busload of children and I've got half a busload and we're busy... so this is a proper treat."


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