* Warning: spoilers if you haven’t seen the final episode of Marcella series 1 *


Is Marcella coming back for a second series?

After tonight’s thrilling conclusion to the eight-part drama, ITV Is still undecided about whether the show will be returning.

A spokeswoman for the broadcaster said that a decision would be made in due course by the ITV commissioners and new programmes chief Kevin Lygo.

But the cast and creative team are understood to be keen to bring the drama back, with Anna Friel's troubled detective Marcella still at the centre of things.

Writer and executive producer Hans Rosenfeldt told RadioTimes.com: “Yes, it could come back. There might very well be a series two.”

The writer of Scandi Noir classic The Bridge added: “If you do television like I do television you never want it to be a one-off series because of a lot of things. A second series is a scale of success. A second series gives an opportunity to show more off about the characters. A second series is giving you an opportunity to tell different stories with the characters you have created and to spend more time with them. You always aim for more than one series.”

Friel also told us that she would be interested in returning to the role.

“I am getting more womanly parts because I am one. I am almost 40; I am a mother,” she said.

“And I am playing mothers much more frequently; perhaps maybe I have come more into my own. I think the opportunities I have been given now, perhaps 20 years ago I wouldn’t necessarily have approached them in the same way or handled them as well, because these roles require maturity.

“It’s also about the experience I have had," she added. "I have probably spent as much time on a set as I have off a set in my life. It’s really what I am familiar with and what I know. I think it’s having a bit more innate confidence in myself which allows me to be more bold in terms of certain choices I make as far as characterisation goes.”

Tonight’s final episode concluded with Marcella nailing the killer – Henry Gibson (Harry Lloyd) – whose guilt was proved in an electrifying final few minutes when Marcella pieced together key evidence about a bite-mark on one of his shoulders just as he was about to be released from custody.

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