New Doctor Who clip offers first look at the return of Michelle Gomez’s Missy

It's been a while...


She’s back. The last time we saw Missy she was in a sticky situation, at the mercy of a handful of Daleks in The Witch’s Familiar – but this weekend’s episode of Doctor Who sees the Time Lord make a (well-publicised) reappearance. 


Michelle Gomez’s inclusion in series 10 was first revealed by the woman herself, back in October last year, but it’s not yet clear what her “very clever idea” to escape the Daleks was… 

Still, a new clip for episode six, Extremis, shows Missy and the Doctor coming face-to-face once again as they catch up on one another’s news (the last she saw of her friend/nemesis he was shacked up with wife River Song). 

But one of the pair is the prisoner of mysterious captors – and we’re not quite sure which…?


Doctor Who is on Saturday at 7:25pm on BBC1