Netflix’s Russian Doll star Natasha Lyonne teases “big ideas” for series two

Series co-creator Lyonne, who plays a video game programmer stuck in a time loop, has teased plans for a second and third season

Russian Doll

Natasha Lyonne, star and co-creator of Netflix’s Russian Doll, has revealed her hopes for the show’s second season — and teased a three season story arc for her character.


Lyonne, who in the series plays Nadia, a video game programmer stuck in a time loop, repeatedly waking up and dying on her 36th birthday, said that she already had some “big ideas” for a second season.

Asked what her hopes were for Russian Doll season two, Lyonne told The Hollywood Reporter: “I think where Russian Doll has been successful is that there’s a very clear sense of character in Nadia so that you can have very high-concept things happen to her, but they always feel earned. They’re backed by some sort of lived experience so they don’t feel like they’re floating in space or completely in the realm of sci-fi.

Russian Doll Netflix

“From that perspective, I have some big ideas, and I think this show will continue to work so long as that journey continues to be interesting and worth watching and new. I want to be learning in real time along with her and along with our audience.”

She also added that “it feels quite clearly” that there will be three seasons of Russian Doll (her fellow co-creator Leslye Headland confirmed the same to earlier this year).

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“In many ways [I still envision it as a three season arc], yes. I see it quite concretely, and it will be interesting to see what evolves,” Lyonne said.

Explaining that it wasn’t until she was inside the show’s writers room that certain characters like Alan (Charlie Barnett) “really came alive,” she added that “because of that experience, I know there has to be space left open for something beyond my limited imagination in this moment to know if that is still where the series begins, middles and ends.”

“Maybe it’s only two seasons. Maybe it’s four seasons. Right now, it feels quite clearly that it is those three,” she said.


Russian Doll is now streaming on Netflix