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Netflix's White Lines ending explained - who killed Axel Collins?

The shocking season finale reveals what really happened that fateful night 20 years ago **CONTAINS SPOILERS**

Published: Tuesday, 19th May 2020 at 12:30 pm

Netflix's new thriller from Money Heist creator Alex Pina revolves around a brutal murder that took place in Ibiza, home to some of the world's most incredible nightclubs and parties.


Laura Haddock stars as a woman investigating the death of her brother, a once legendary DJ on the island named Axel Collins who suddenly went missing 20 years ago.

The series finale of White Lines takes us back to the truly insane birthday party from which Axel never returned, revealing once and for all who was behind his murder.

If you don't want the series spoiled for you, read no further! Here's what really happened to Axel Collins...

Who killed Axel Collins? 

After 10 gripping episodes that saw several suspects emerge, the series finale revealed that Anna (Kassius Nelson/Angela Griffin) was the one who killed Axel - but she didn't act alone.

It was revealed that Axel had been going through a personal crisis in the days leading up to his party, no longer happy with his extravagant party lifestyle on Ibiza.

As a result, he sold the rights to all of his music as well as the clubs he had set up with Anna, Marcus, and David, to the powerful Calafat family for a fraction of what they were worth.

He then piled all the money into a huge wooden statue that he set on fire to add to the spectacle of his birthday celebration, all without breathing a word to his friends.


His intention was to make a clean break from the island and start a new, healthier life elsewhere with the people he really loved. Needless to say, things didn't go exactly to plan...

As his party was winding down, Axel and Anna had a moment alone where he told her what he had done. As you might expect, she was furious that he had given up the group's fortune without consulting them.

Axel was in a swimming pool, snorting cocaine off the side when he began convulsing in the water. Rather than help him, Anna held his head under the surface until he seemed to have drowned as revenge for his actions.

Immediately after, Anna asked her lover, Marcus (Cel Spellman/Daniel Mays), for help disposing of the body, piling it into Oriol Calafat's car. To their horror, by the time they reached an empty stretch of road, they heard a noise in the boot - Axel was still alive!


He freed himself and began to slowly limp away, at which point Marcus had a decision to make: would he stand by his lover, who would face serious jail time for her actions, or his friend, who had robbed him of his fortune?

Sadly, he chose the former, backing up the car to knock Axel down, before Anna finished the job by driving a sharp object into his neck.

Given how helpful and friendly Anna and Marcus had been to Zoe since her arrival on Ibiza, their involvement in her brother's death came as a truly shocking twist.

However, a previous flashback had revealed that being friends with Axel was no easy task, given how he frequently bullied and belittled Marcus, while also getting David addicted to heroin.

David had been a suspect in the murder along with Oriol Calafat, who had no memory of the party and even doubted his own innocence. As it turned out, they were not involved in Axel's death and had spent the night together after taking heroin.

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