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Natalie Gumede’s Strictly Come Dancing skills were banned on Jekyll and Hyde

Actress who came second in the BBC1 dancing competition had to rein it in on set of ITV's monster drama, in case her character Bella looked too good on the dance floor

Published: Sunday, 8th November 2015 at 10:15 am

Episode three of ITV’s new drama Jekyll and Hyde has an interesting scene in which actress and Strictly alumnus Natalie Gumede has to do some dancing in a bar in the guise of saucy Bella. 


It was a little in-joke from writer Charlie Higson, who knew that the actress – whose character runs a seedy East End pub – could strut her stuff.

After all, she was a Strictly Come Dancing runner-up in 2013.

So you’d think her time on Strictly would stand her in good stead, wouldn’t you? But no. Director Colin Teague instructed her not to be too good.

“He said, 'You look a little poised', and thought my Strictly dancing would bleed into it,” Gumede told

“Obviously Bella is a rough and ready girl and he wanted that to be authentic.”

So rough and ready dancing it was…


Jekyll and Hyde is on ITV Sunday 8th November at 7pm


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