They're back, y'all.


The residents of Nashville are nearabout returning to our TV screens, battered guitars, cowboy hats, diamond detailing and all. But you'd be naive to think things in America's southern musical city have stayed the same.

The end of series one saw plenty of drama, from Teddy finding out his bit on the side was pregnant with his child, Maddie confronting Deacon with the news he might be her biological father and Gunnar going down on bended knee... to Juliette mourning her mama's passing by singing a tear-stained song at The Bluebird and that ALMIGHTY car crash which saw Rayna and a very off-the-wagon Deacon rolling (and rolling) off the road.

What will happen in series two, who knows (asides from everyone in America and y'all who've read synopses on the internet) But I've tried my darndest to make some spurious suggestions...

Rayna doesn't look to have fared very well following that high speed smash. The former queen of country is beaten and battered - and she doesn't look like she's on the mend. Might the car crash be the end of the road for Ms Jaymes? I suspect not, though don't be surprised if the songstress suffers from a bout of TV-land memory loss/paralysis when she does open her peepers...

Meanwhile Deacon's nowhere to be seen. Perhaps Rayna's troubled former flame has grabbed his bottle of whiskey and scarpered from the scene?

Here comes Mayor Teddy creeping around in the background. Maybe he's decided now is a good time to tell his daughter - who has just found out she's not his biological daughter - that he's impregnated the woman who broke up her parent's marriage (quite possibly with what might be a biological daughter.)

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While little Maddie stares at her mother's comatose body is as good a time as any. It's not like you'll be interrupting a riveting conversation, right Teds? Plus better to keep the reaction away from those prying eyes, too. In a way intensive care is the perfect place.

Ah, here's someone who is managing to keep a smile on her face. Doesn't look like it's too much of a strain, either.

Now that Rayna's in a coma, it's Juliette's time to shine. There's no one vying for that top spot on the charts, no one to duet with, no one to steal her spotlight on stage... Ain't that a dream come true? If only Rayna was out of the picture for good, eh?

Juliette's not one to close doors though... Nashville's resident meanie is cleverer than that. Everyone knows you don't want to be seen celebrating when your closest rival is involved in a serious accident. You want to be spied comforting her devastated daughter instead, right?

Perhaps the publicity hungry paps have just happened to make it through the hospital doors in time to see Juliette stroking the young girls arm? Either that or Rayna's managed to make it to number one, coma and all...

Anyone else feeling a little awkward? With all these break ups, reunions and love triangles, this lot should try expanding their friendship group a little to avoid these kinds of run-ins.

There are no clues here as to whether Scarlett and Gunnar are headed down the aisle following his (kind of) desperate proposal at the end of series two. But if anything she looks pretty sick and tired of both her exes. Perhaps it's time for the fledging star to cut her losses and move on..

Talking of poor ol' Scarlett... Does Rayna's current coma situation mean her record deal is no more?

The sweet starlet sung her heart out in series one and bagged that elusive big break, even though her silly boyfriend Gunnar was pretending to be an outlaw and getting himself into all sorts of trouble at the time. But the music industry is a fickle one. Without any time in the studio under her belt she might just find herself back to the drawing board. Or more accurately, back to the cheese/cake/menu... board.

Nashville returns on Thursday at 10:00pm on More 4.

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