Mindhunter was technically never cancelled, but our chances of getting a third season have grown dimmer by the day, with the series put on indefinite hold in 2020 due to executive producer David Fincher's other commitments.

At the time a Netflix representative said: "David is focused on directing his first Netflix film Mank and on producing the second season of Love, Death and Robots.

"He may revisit Mindhunter again in the future, but in the meantime felt it wasn’t fair to the actors to hold them from seeking other work while he was exploring new work of his own.”

Now, however, we've got a sense of what a potential third season might have entailed, as season 2 director Andrew Dominik spoke with Collider about exactly that.

Dominik said: "What they were going to do with season 3 was they were going to go [to] Hollywood. So one of them was going to be hooking up with Jonathan Demme and the other one was going to be hooking up with Michael Mann.

"And it was all going to be about profiling making it into the sort of zeitgeist, the public consciousness. That was the season everyone was really waiting to do, with when they sort of get out of the basement and start."

Mindhunter season 2
Mindhunter season 2 Netflix

A California setting would likely have been a big visual switch-up for the show which had previously been centred around dim basements in the FBI Academy and nearby prison cells.

Last year the show's lead, Jonathan Groff, explained that he would return to the show "in a second" if Fincher ever wanted to come back to it.

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