Meet the Doctor Who cosplayers

We spent a weekend talking to people who dress up as the Time Lord and his friends - but why do they do it?

You’ve probably heard of cosplay – fans dressing up as their favourite characters from TV, films, books or even video games as they attend huge conventions with other like-minded people. It’s a veritable craze, with dozens of such events every year in London alone and many more worldwide.


But what’s in the mind of these geek-chic costume masters? Why do they choose to become these characters for a day – and how much effort do you haver to put in? To find out, we went along to MCM Comic con to seek some cosplayers out; in our case, focusing on those trying to dress up as characters from Doctor Who (you may have noticed we quite like Doctor Who on this website).


So head below to see what makes this sci-fi fashionistas tick – quite literally, for certain clockwork costumes…