Meet the cast of The Durrells series two

Keeley Hawes heads up the Durrells family as the ITV show returns to Corfu


Corfu is full of familiar faces as The Durrells returns to ITV – but there are some new faces on the island who will play key roles in series two.


Louisa and her kids Larry, Leslie, Margo and Gerry are all back, along with the beloved Spiros. But who is Louisa’s new love interest? And what about their nasty new landlady?

Find out all you need to know with our guide to the cast of series two, which begins on Sunday 23rd April at 8pm on ITV.

Keeley Hawes – Louisa Durrell


Who does she play? Louisa Durrell is a widow and a mother of four who has made an impulsive decision to up sticks and move her entire family to Corfu. They have been building a life and scraping by, while the kids try to match-make for their mother. In this series, it’s a rich Englishman who is out to win her love, while Louisa is just trying to make some money – even if that means trying to introduce Corfu to Spotted Dick and Toad in the Hole at the local market.

Where have I seen her before? As Lindsay Denton in Line of Duty, Gemma in The Missing, Samantha Mollison in The Casual Vacancy, Alex Drake in Ashes to Ashes, or Zoe Reynolds in Spooks. Keeley Hawes is a well-known face on British TV.

Daniel Lapaine – Hugh


Who does he play? Hugh is a mysterious Englishman living on the island, where he’s happy to flash his cash. He takes a liking to Louisa, and tries to sweep her off her feet.

Where have I seen him before? Daniel Lapaine plays Rob’s friend Dave in Catastrophe.

Josh O’Connor – Lawrence Durrell


Who does he play? Lawrence is Louisa’s oldest son. He’s an aspiring writer, always earnestly tapping away at his typewriter and getting extremely frustrated when his writing isn’t going well. He is a little pretentious and likes to show off his knowledge of literature. In series two, we know that a romance is on the cards.

Where have I seen him before? Josh O’Connor was PC Bobby Grace in Ripper Street. He played Ed in The Riot Club.

Milo Parker – Gerald Durrell


Who does he play? You might think that it’s Lawrence who wrote the semi-autobiographical books this drama is based on. But actually it’s Gerald who wrote My Family and Other Animals and the rest of the Corfu trilogy. Little Gerald is a nature lover, always excited about the animals he finds on the island, and has completely embraced the Corfu life. In this series he is determined to save the otters.

Where have I seen him before? As Roger in Mr Holmes and Tom Thompson in Ghost Hunters On Icy Trails. Milo also played Hugh in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

Daisy Waterstone – Margo Durrell


Who does she play? Margo is charmingly naiive, but thinks she knows everything. She tends to make impulsive decisions and, in series two, decides she might like to become a nun.

Where have I seen her before? As Katie Bowman in Silent Witness, Clare Leighton in Testament of Youth

Callum Woodhouse – Leslie Durrell


Who does he play? Middle child Leslie can be a bit of a moody teenager. He likes guns, and shooting things.

Where have I seen him before? You may have seen him as Josh Marsden in the Cold Feet revival.

Errika Bigiou – Vasilia


Who does she play? The Durrells’ new landlady. She takes an immediate dislike to Louisa.

Where have I seen her before? You probably haven’t, unless you’re a regular at the theatre in Greece.

Alexis Georgoulis – Spiros Halikiopoulos


Who does he play? Charismatic local man Spiros takes the Durrells under his wing, helping them settle in on the island. Now he’s a firm family friend.

Where have I seen him before? As Poupi Kakas in My Life In Ruins and perhaps in popular Greek television series Eisai to Tairi mou, which has made him a well-known face in Corfu.

Leslie Caron – Countess Mavrodaki


Who does she play? We first met Countess Mavrodaki as an exotic and rich recluse in series one.

Where have I seen her before? Leslie Caron starred opposite Gene Kelly in An American in Paris.

Ulric von der Esch – Sven


Who does he play? In the first series Louisa had a whirlwind romance with handsome neighbour Sven, and the two were engaged to be married. Unfortunately at the last minute she discovered he was gay. Now they are just friends.

Where have I seen him before? Ulric von der Esch is better known in his native Switzerland, where he has an impressive stage career and also roles in Arne Dahl: Dödsmässa, Maria Wern and Kommissarie Winter.

Nikos Orestis Chaniotakis – Pavlos


Who does he play? Pavlos is a monk, and Margo’s new love interest. Unfortunately it takes her a little while to realise that monks are celibate.

Where have I seen him before? Nikos Orestis Chaniotakis is a stage actor in Greece.

Yorgos Karamihos – Theodore 


Who does he play? Theodore is Gerald’s kindred spirit: a keen conservationist and nature-lover.

Where have I seen him before? Yorgos Karamihos has an extensive list of credits in Greek television and film.

Mossup – Roger the Dog


Who does he play? Roger the dog is Gerry’s sidekick, accompanying him on his adventures across the island. In series two, however, a new puppy will join the family.

Where have I seen him before? Roger is played by a female lurcher called Mossup. She’s about eight years old and is a rescue pup, who has mastered the art of acting and now has an impressive CV including roles in The Tudors and a TV advert for the Blue Cross.

UPDATE: New puppy alert in episode four!


Ben Hall – Donald


Who does he play? Donald appeared in a handful of episodes in series one. Now he’s back to live with the Durrells, having taken the job of being Gerry’s latest tutor. Frustratingly for him, Gerry isn’t too keen on academic learning and will do anything to get out of it – he’d much rather be looking after his animals and exploring the island.

Where have I seen him before? Ben Hall has had bit parts in The Hollow Crown and A Royal Night Out.

Barbara Flynn – Aunt Hermione 


Who does she play? Unwanted houseguest Aunt Hermione likes to descend on The Durrells at the worst times. She can be rude and demanding and insulting, but she means well.

Where have I seen her before? Barbara Flynn has been in everything from Cranford to Pat & Cabbage, from Miss Potter to Elizabeth I, from The Forsyte Saga to Wives and Daughters. She first appeared on TV in 1970s series A Family at War.

Una Stubbs – Mrs Haddock


Who does she play? When Aunt Hermione turns up this time, she has spiritualist Mrs Haddock in tow. While the Durrells are initially skeptical, Mrs Haddock has Aunt Hermione completely convinced of her powers – and Louisa finds herself unsure of who to believe when the spiritualist seems to be in contact with her late husband Mr Durrell.

Where have I seen her before? Una Stubbs plays Mrs Hudson in Sherlock, the landlady of 221 Baker Street who won’t stand for being mistaken for a housekeeper. She also played Miss Bat in The Worst Witch TV series but is best known to those of a certain age as a team captain on ITV’s charade’s gameshow of the 70s, 80s and 90s.


Season two of The Durrells airs from Sunday 23rd April at 8pm on ITV