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Meet the cast of Paranoid

From Robert Glenister to Indira Varma, here are the key players in ITV's new crime thriller

Published: Thursday, 6th October 2016 at 7:30 pm

Another day, another ITV crime drama – except this time things are particularly gruesome. Paranoid opens with the brutal killing of a young mother and quickly spirals into a police investigation with a twist as Robert Glenister's Bobby Day is joined by Nina Suresh (played by Game of Thrones actress Indira Varma) and Alec Wayfield (Dino Fetscher) as they attempt to solve the murder.


Intrigued? Paranoid starts at 9pm tonight on ITV – but first, meet the full cast below...

Robert Glenister as Bobby Day


Bobby is an experienced detective suffering from depression and increasingly acute anxiety attacks. He finds tentative solace with a witness to the playground murder.

Older brother of Phillip, Robert Glenister is perhaps best known for his role as con-man Ash “Three Socks” Morgan in the hit BBC series Hustle. He has also had a regular part in Law and Order: UK and made appearances in The Musketeers, Appropriate Adult and The Great Train Robbery. He has upcoming roles in Ben Affleck’s crime epic Live by Night and the BBC Cold War drama Closer to the Enemy, written by Steven Poliakoff.

Indira Varma as Nina Suresh


Nina is an empathetic and witty detective who finds herself dealing with the murder of GP Angela Benton in a playground at the same time as boyfriend woes threaten to damage her relationship with her colleagues.

Having made her film debut in 1996’s Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love, Indira Varma has gone on to star in some of TV’s most popular shows, featuring as the titular detective’s estranged wife in Luther and playing Niobe and Ellaria Sand in lavish HBO shows Rome and Game of Thrones respectively. She also featured in Torchwood, appeared in New Blood this year on the BBC, lent her voice to the video game Dragon Age: Inquisition and had a supporting role in Ridley Scott’s 2014 biblical epic Exodus: Gods and Kings.

Dino Fetscher as Alec Wayfield


The youngest of the detectives on the case, Wayfield is keen to prove himself useful – and finds a surprising personal connection to the case.

Fetscher made waves amongst the LGBT community for his role in Russell T. Davies' Banana for Channel 4, which helped him make an appearance at no.47 in Attitude Magazine’s Hot 100. This year he had a blink and you’ll miss it role in Hollywood blockbuster Now You See Me 2.

Neil Stuke as Michael Niles


The no-nonsense police chief who wants the case solved with maximum effort and minimum fuss; a man who is wary of the ramifications from the top brass and the press should complications arise regarding a murder case in a sleepy rural area.

The most interesting aspect of Neil Stuke’s filmography is his multiple appearances in legendary procedural The Bill between 1991 and 2007 in which he played no fewer than five separate characters. Elsewhere he has been a regular in Game On and Silk, appeared in last year’s Doctor Foster and has also had guest roles in Death in Paradise and The Interceptor amongst many others. He was also once a contestant on Celebrity Masterchef.

Christiane Paul as Linda Felber


An amiable German detective based in Dusseldorf, where the estranged father of Angela’s son is said to live. She is enlisted to inform him of Angela’s murder and aid their case.

Paul initially worked as a model before studying medicine at university, but in recent years she's prioritised acting and makes her English language debut in Paranoid. In 2013 she appeared in the acclaimed 2013 German World War II drama Generation War. She also popped up in 2008 German thriller The Wave.

Lesley Sharp as Lucy Cannonbury


A local coffee shop owner who rescued Angela’s young son from the murderer. She proves a source of comfort to Bobby, seeing his stress and trying to ease it.

Lesley Sharp is one of Britain’s most prolific television actresses, currently most famous for playing DC Scott in Scott and Bailey opposite Suranne Jones. She had supporting roles in The Diary of Anne Frank, The Shadow Line and last year’s Capital, the adaptation of John Lanchester’s novel. She is also recognised for her scene-stealing performance in a 2008 episode of Doctor Who. On film she is best known for playing Louise opposite David Thewlis in Mike Leigh’s Naked.

Emma Bispham as Angela Benton


The murder victim, a local GP who was well-liked and lived a quiet life with her father. The team are stumped as to why she would be the target of a murder.

Appropriately for her character’s medical background, Bispham has largely played nurses, appearing in that profession four times across various series. She has also appeared in The Mill and Heartbeat.

John Duttine as Eric Benton


Angela’s distraught father, struggling to cope with his grief and the ongoing investigation that threatens to engulf his life. He harbours fears about the custody of his grandson.

Duttine appeared as police sergeant George Miller in Heartbeat between 2005 and 2009. His breakout roles were in the late 70s and early 80s, playing John the Apostle in the Devil’s Crown in 1978, Earnshaw in Wuthering Heights in the same year, starring in To Serve Them All My Days in 1980, and appearing in the main role in chilling sci-fi adaptation The Day of the Triffids in 1981.

Shobna Gulati as Dr Parcival


Bobby’s doctor who prescribes him medication to deal with the increased anxiety brought on by the murder.

Shobna Gulati is most famous for playing Sunita on Coronation Street between 2001 and 2013. She preceded this role with a main part in Dinnerladies and a short stint on EastEnders. Most recently she continued her affinity for soaps, appearing in Doctors earlier this year.


Paranoid starts tonight at 9pm on ITV


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