Owen Jones – Matthew Roberts



Owen is Rhys’s older brother who is caught up, alongside his parents, in the lengthy and painful police investigation into his brother’s murder.

DCI Mark Guinness – Stephen Walters

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Detective Chief Inspector Guinness works alongside Kelly in their fight to receive justice for the Jones family.

Walters has appeared in successful TV series including Channel 4’s Buried, Skins and Outlander. Walters has also written and directed several short films.

Assistant Chief Constable Pat Gallan – Sara Powell


After receiving pressure for a quick conviction due to the huge public interest in the case, Gallan urges Kelly to work as fast as he can in finding Rhys’s killer.

Powel is a stage and screen actor who has had roles in British series including Midsomer Murders, Casualty and Holby City.

Kevin Moody – Michael Moran


Moody is bullied into hiding the gun used to kill Rhys; too afraid to say no, he hides the gun in his home.


This is Moran’s first big role in TV, apart from causing a stir after appearing in a Pot Noodle advert starring Moran as a ‘ring boy’ at a boxing match.