Catherine Steadman plays Maggie Lewis


Maggie is an American archaeologist and the only woman selected as part of the New York Metropolitan Museum’s dig team in Egypt. Maggie’s has put her career first, at the expense of her personal life.

Fans of Downton Abbey will recognise her as Mabel Lane Fox from series five, while she also featured in ITV medical drama Breathless. And you may also know her as Alison in Fresh Meat, and in The Inbetweeners as the care worker who goes on a date with Will during the Duke of Edinburgh episode.

Jonathan Aris plays Winlock

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Winlock is the American Egyptologist from the Metropolitan Museum who’s a close friend to Howard Carter.

Aris has had roles in The Martian, Humans and The Night Manager, but he’ll be known to most as Anderson, the forensics officer in Sherlock. Aris will also be appearing in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, out later this year.

Anthony Higgins plays Theodore Davis

Higgins plays Theodore Davis, an American lawyer who fought to get the Tutankhamun dig the green light.

Screen veteran Anthony Higgins has starred in Young Sherlock Holmes and Malice in Wonderland, alongside Danny Dyer.

Interestingly, Higgins also played Major Gobler, one of the Nazis who unearthed the Ark of the Covenant in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Let’s hope his Tutankhamun discovery is less face-melting.

Rupert Vansittart plays Flinders Petrie

Flinders Petrie was an English Egyptologist who taught Howard Carter during his studies.

Struggling to place his face? He was Yohn Royce in Game of Thrones and General Asquith (and Slitheen) in the first series of new Doctor Who with Christopher Eccleston. The character actor made his name as part of the original cast for ITV's Heartbeat, before going on to appear in Pride and Prejudice, Braveheart, Four Wedddings and a Funeral and many more.

Vincent Grass plays Sir Gaston Maspero

Gaston Maspero was a French Egyptologist who had spent years studying the Great Sphinx of Giza.

French actor Vincent Grass is most well-known as Doctor Cornelius in The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. He’s also starred in a long list of French film and TV shows.

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Last updated Thursday 7th September 2017