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Meet the cast of Inspector George Gently

Martin Shaw, Lee Ingleby and Lisa McGrillis return for two more episodes, starring alongside guest actors from Poldark and Call the Midwife

Published: Friday, 26th January 2018 at 10:34 am

Inspector George Gently is back for two more episodes, which will be Martin Shaw's last-ever outings as the straight-laced copper before the detective series winds up for good. We have had eight series and now it's time to say goodbye.


The pair of episodes, titled Gently Liberated and Gently and The New Age, feature some familiar faces – but also guest stars who will help tell the story of Gently's final days in the North East Constabulary.

Here is everything we know about the characters you will see on screen:

Martin Shaw – George Gently

Who does he play? Inspector George Gently is an old-fashioned copper with a strong moral code who doesn't like to jump to conclusions about anyone. Before we met him he saw active service in the Second World War, met his wife Isabella and then worked as a Chief Inspector in London. At Isabella's funeral he handed in his notice, telling his superiors that he felt his dangerous job had resulted in his wife's murder. But during one final case in Northumberland, he met DS John Bacchus and decided to stay in the North East so he could take him under his wing. Now he is finally heading towards retirement, Gently is concerned about Bacchus and his other protege DS Rachel Coles – are they up to the job?

Where have I seen him before? Perhaps in Apparitions, Judge John Deed, Always and Everyone, cop drama The Chief, Rhodes or The Professionals. Back in the 60s he played Robert Croft on Coronation Street.

Lee Ingleby – John Bacchus

Who does he play? Bacchus is a talented and intelligent cop, but he doesn't always play but the book and he lacks Gently's patience. In fact, he will sometimes cut corners and even bend (or break) the law, and can be horribly bigoted and sexist. And when we meet him in the first of these two final episodes, he is a mess: drinking too much after the collapse of his marriage to Lisa, heartbroken, trying to bury his pain and acting extremely unprofessionally. It remains to be seen whether he can live up to Gently's expectations.

Where have I seen him before? Most recently you'll have seen him as Nick Huntley in Line of Duty. He has voiced Bob in Bob the Builder and has also been in Our Zoo, The A Word, The Five, The Street and Early Doors. Harry Potter fans may recognise him as Knight Bus conductor Stan Shunpike from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Lisa McGrillis – Rachel Coles

Who does she play? Rachel Coles, now a Detective Sergeant, was once a newcomer to the team but is now a settled member of the "three musketeers", even if she sometimes still gets sidelined. Book-smart and driven, ambitious and determined, she can be a little idealistic about her role. Coles genuinely believes in justice and makes Gently question his paternalistic attitudes. Previously she has had an antagonistic relationship with Bacchus who wants to put her in her place as a woman, but now Bacchus is so low even Rachel is concerned about him.

Where have I seen her before? Lisa McGrillis played Kelly in the TV series Mum. She has also been in Hebburn, Much Ado About Nothing and The Pass.

Anamaria Marinca – Eve Liddell

Who does she play? What we know about the upcoming episode is that it will focus on an old case, which takes a new turn when a man's body is found in a chemical plant on Teesside. Gently discovers that the victim's wife was convicted of the murder and has served eight years already. DI Bacchus worked on the original investigation and strongly objects when Gently controversially decides to re-open the case. Will this expose an appalling miscarriage of justice, or make the Inspector look like a fool?

Where have I seen her before? Anamaria Marinca played Maria in Maigret's Dead Man. She also plays Dr Dahlin in the Ghost in the Shell remake, and was Marta Kamen in TV series Mars.

Victoria Bewick – Marion Liddell

Who does she play? Marion likely plays the daughter of Eve Liddell, now grown up.

Where have I seen her before? Victoria Bewick starred in a Call the Midwife Christmas special as Yvonne Bridges. She was Muriel Roberts in the Margaret Thatcher movie The Iron Lady.

Ruby McAvoy – Young Marion

Who does she play? Images suggest that the younger Marion will appear in flashback scenes.

Where have I seen her before? This is Ruby McAvoy's first on-screen role.

David Prosho – Donnelly

Who does he play? David Prosho stars as Donnelly in the second episode, Gently and The New Age. Details of his character have not yet been released.

Where have I seen him before? Perhaps you've seen him in the TV series Scott & Bailey as DC Ian Mitchell. He has also been in Hollyoaks, Emmerdale, Doctors and Coronation Street.

Richard Harrington – Michael Clements

Who does he play? Richard Harrington will also be putting in an appearance in Gently and The New Age. Images show Michael Clements shaking hands with George Gently in this windswept location.

Where have I seen him before? Richard Harrington stars as DCI Tom Mathias in Hinterland. Oh, and he played Captain Andrew Blamey in Poldark.

Naomi Frederick – Adele Watson

Who does she play? Details of Naomie Frederick's character have not yet been released.


Where have I seen her before? Better known for her stage roles in everything from Made in Dagenham to Measure for Measure to Hobson's Choice, Naomie Frederick also played Zoe in the TV movie The Trial of Tony Blair.


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