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Meet the cast of Diana and I

The one-off BBC drama follows four stories in the days after her death

Published: Monday, 4th September 2017 at 8:30 pm

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana, the BBC has produced a one-off TV movie following four separate fictionalised stories each set during the week after her death in 1997.


The special was written by Jeremy Brock, who also penned The Last King of Scotland and Queen Victoria biopic Mrs Brown, and directed by The Full Monty's Peter Cattaneo.

Meet the cast of Diana and I below...

Mary McDonald - Tamsin Grieg 


Who does Tamsin Grieg play? An opportunistic Glaswegian florist who decides to head to London to capitalise on the dramatic increase in demand for flowers.

What do I recognise her from? Take your pick. Black Books, Green Wing, Episodes...

Where was she when she heard? "On that Sunday morning I hadn't had the television or the radio on, so it took me a while to find out. I'd just got married so my husband [actor Richard Leaf] and I were wandering around in a bubble of joy. We were strolling down our road and we passed the local church where an elderly African woman, who we always chatted to, was standing and weeping, saying 'they've killed her, they've killed her'. We thought something had happened to her family, because it seemed so personal. I felt amazed that we didn't know. It was a deeply strange feeling and I remember watching people grieving and slowly starting to understand how shocking Diana's death really was."

Gordon - John Gordon Sinclair


Tamsin Greig and John Gordon Sinclair 

Who does John Gordon Sinclair play? Mary's friend and fellow florist who agrees to help her in her flower plot.

What do I recognise him from? He is an on-screen veteran who most recently popped up as a detective in BBC3's fantastic black comedy Ill Behaviour but is perhaps best known for his early role in coming of age film Gregory's Girl.

Mrs McDonald - Gemma Jones


Who does Gemma Jones play? Mary's mother, who lives with her and isn't afraid to speak her mind.

Where have I seen her before? Jones's place in British film history is secure, as a result of her roles as Madam Pomfrey in the Harry Potter films, and Bridget's mum in the Bridget Jones trilogy.

Where was she when she heard? "I remember being very, very shocked. I was at home and switched the television on and herd the news. My elderly father was living with me so I went into his room to tell him and we sat and watched the TV for most of the morning. I had a small child at the time so I was very affected by the maternal aspect. We Brits have a reputation of being rather withheld, but Diana's death broke that. She seemed immortal, it didn't seem like someone like her could be killed. I met her a couple of times at theatrical events and she was always very charming, easy to talk to, very friendly, so young and beautiful."

Jack Taylor - Nico Mirallegro


Who does Nico Mirallegro play? A young man whose mother dies on the same night as Diana.

What do I recognise him from? Probably Hollyoaks. He played Barry Newton between 2007 and 2010.

Colin Taylor - Neil Morrissey


Who does Neil Morrissey play? Jack's estranged father.

What do I recognise him from? Probably Men Behaving Badly, or one of his many fantastic British dramas – Grantchester, The Night Manager, Line of Duty...

Where was he when he heard? "I was 35, so nearly the age Diana was when she died. I wasn't particularly a royalist and while nobody likes to see someone's life taken in such a tragic way, I didn't quite get it at first why the nation was in such a furore. It took a while for that momentum to catch me up, by having chats with people in the pub or the park about how they felt. Then I couldn't help but be affected by the way everyone was affected. That's the way it caught me – I was carried along with it. A lot of my friends were deeply upset and you couldn't help but be involved."

Russell - Kingsley Ben Adir


Nico Mirallegro and Kingsley Ben Adir

Who does Kingsley Ben Adir play? Jack's sympathetic neighbour.

What do I recognise him from? He starred as Dr Marcus Summer in crime series Vera.

Yasmin - Kiran Sonia Sawar


Who does Kiran Sonia Sawar play? A mistreated wife who flees her home in Bradford to pay tribute to Diana.

What do I recognise her from? She starred alongside Sean Bean in TV series Legend.

Michael Lewis - Laurie Davidson


Who does Laurie Davidson play? A keen young journalist who is honeymooning in Paris in the week of Diana's death.

Where have I seen him before? Lewis played William Shakespeare in a dodgy-looking American drama series called Will.

Sophie - Charlotte Hope


Charlotte Hope and Laurie Davidson

Who does Charlotte Hope play? Michael's fiancee.

Where have I seen her before? She played Ramsay Bolton's sadistic girlfriend Myranda on Game of Thrones, Philippa Hawking in The Theory of Everything and has had minor roles on The Walking Dead and Holby City.

Laura Phillips - Tuppence Middleton


Who does Tuppence Middleton play? A renowned journalist who takes Michael under her wing.

Where have I seen her before? Perhaps The Imitation Game, Netflix's Sense8, Black Mirror, or BBC's War & Peace miniseries.


Diana and I airs on BBC2 on Monday 4th September at 9pm


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