The shocking death of ten-year-old Damilola Taylor in 2000 saw an innocent schoolboy lose his life on the streets of south London.

In the glare of the world’s media, his parents embarked on a long and painful path to find justice.

Levi David Addai’s powerful feature-length drama reveals the personal story behind the headlines, told primarily from the point of view of Damilola’s father, Richard Taylor OBE.

Here are the main protagonists..

Richard Taylor (Babou Ceesay)


Husband of Gloria and father of two sons and a daughter, Nigerian Richard Taylor misses his family terribly when they seek urgent medical treatment for his daughter in the UK. When his youngest son Damilola is killed on the streets of Peckham, Richard struggles with inconsolable loss, guilt and blame, having placed all his faith in British justice. Richard’s epic struggle with loss, grief, anger and redemption, and his experience of fatherhood, are the centrepiece of this film.

If you watched Channel 4’s National Treasure you will remember Babou Ceesay as Paul Finchley’s slippery and quick-witted lawyer Jerome Sharpe.

Gloria Taylor (Wunmi Mosaku)


Devoted wife and mother of three, Gloria Taylor can’t bear to be parted from her children when she accompanies her eldest daughter to the UK for urgent medical treatment, so she takes her two boys, Tunde and Damilola, with her to London. Unexpectedly having to make a new home in a relative’s council flat in Peckham, Gloria succeeds in holding her family together - until they’re shattered by tragedy. Her fortitude and love persistently bind the family.

The Nigerian-born actress starred as Quentina the hapless traffic warden in recent BBC1 drama Capital. She also played Joy in the 2009 series Moses Jones

Tunde Taylor (Juwon Adedokun)


Ten years older than Damilola, Tunde is a typical young man on his way to adulthood, when his parents decide to send him to the UK to look after his mother, brother and sister. He tries to combine responsibilities to his family with studying and a part-time job, while also building a new identity as a young Londoner. When his little brother is suddenly killed, Tunde’s world falls apart and we witness him struggle to overcome his grief and rebuild his future.

This is the 19-year-old’s first major TV role.

Damilola Taylor (Sammy Kamara)


Damilola is a bright, energetic and cheeky ten year-old, full of life and joy. The baby of his family, his infectious spirit brings a smile to everyone. When his mother, brother and sister travel to the UK, Damilola is desperate to go with them and persuades his father to let him go. In London, Damilola blossoms as he finds new friends while still enjoying winding his elder brother up. Damilola’s ambitions and determination to succeed inspire his family - in life, and in death.

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This is the Lambeth schoolboy’s first TV acting role.

Damilola, Our Loved Boy is on BBC1 on Monday November 7 at 8.30pm