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Meet the cast of Baz Luhrmann's The Get Down

Your guide to who's who in Netflix's new musical spectacular

Published: Friday, 7th April 2017 at 7:00 am

Clued up?


Who does he play? Shaolin Fantastic

What's his story? Shaolin is "the ultimate persona of cool. He’s a one man wolf pack, a thrill seeker, a boundary breaker and swings towards the reckless." OK...

"He has his finger on the street­ pulse, he’s hooked on the new and the underground and Shao wants to be part of it all. His charisma and confidence make him just the kid to rally a band of brothers to execute his vision."

Where do you recognise him from? The rapper, singer, actor and dancer made his screen debut in 2015's Dope.


Who does he play? Ezekial 'Books' Figuero

What's his story? "Books, a nickname given to him by his good friend, Shaolin, for his quick wit and love of the written word, can put together a beat and a rap at a moment’s notice. His cool and boyish charm hides a philosophical thinker, a straight A student and a golden ticket to any ivy league college of his choosing. However, it’s the girl of his dreams, Mylene that captivates Books’ time and attention. His raps chronicle and weave the story of The Get Down ​from beginning to end."

Where do you recognise him from? Paper Towns, where he starred opposite Nat Wolff and Cara Delevingne as Radar.


Who does she play? Mylene Cruz

What's her story? "Mylene is the beautiful daughter of a respected Puerto Rican family in The South Bronx. Her parents lead the local Pentecostal church in the neighbourhood, while her uncle and her biggest champion, Papa Fuerte is a local politician, running the Community Multi­ Services Centre. Mylene’s one-­of-­a-­kind voice can be heard every Sunday at church, but her real dream is to be the voice of a new musical era, reaching Manhattan disco stardom and singing at Studio 54 and beyond. Struggling to honour her family’s fiercely strict and religious values, Mylene leans on the love and support of her uncle and boyfriend, Ezekial to reach for her dreams."

Where do you recognise her from? The stage, as well as 2015 film Runaway Island.


Who does he play? Cadillac

What's his story? "Cadillac is the princeling son of South Bronx heroin Queenpin, Fat Annie, who also the famed nightclub, Les Inferno. When not hitting the dance floor and strutting his latest disco moves, Cadillac fancies himself the rightful heir of Annie’s criminal organisation. His love of the music, his sheltered upbringing, and his insecurity combined, make him a largely ineffectual, though dangerously unpredictable, local dancing gangster."

Where do you recognise him from? This is Abdul-Mateen's first TV role.


Who does he play? Ronald 'Ra-Ra' Kipling

What's his story? "Ra­Ra Kipling is the middle son of the loving and warm Kipling family. The voice of reason, Ra­Ra thinks before he speaks and is the sibling with ‘his head screwed on straight.’ He’s a loyal friend and protective brother who’s wise beyond his years."

Where do you recognise him from? The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete, iCarly, Children's Hospital, Southpaw, Our Family Wedding.


Who does he play? Miles 'Boo Boo' Kipling

What's his story? "Boo Boo Kipling is the youngest of the Kipling clan. He’s the irrepressible tag­ along little brother and the runt of the litter with a wisecracking wild bravado. With his indestructible energy, Boo Boo’s always first on the dance floor when the needle drops on the record. He has a natural curiosity and deep desire to understand the mechanics behind every object and every situation."

Where do you recognise him from? Been to New York recently? The 14-year-old rapper, dancer and actor was discovered on the NYC subway.


Who does he play? Francisco ‘Papa Fuerte’ Cruz

What's his story? "Papa Fuerte is a natural born hustler who navigates the New York City political world through his position as the head of the Community Multi­ Services Centre representing The South Bronx. He believes in his community and isn’t afraid to pursue all possibilities in order to bring attention to his failing and struggling neighbourhood."

Where do you recognise him from? Sons of Anarchy, Outlaw, Dexter, The West Wing, NYPD Blue. He's also set to star in Rogue One and 24: Legacy.


Who does he play? Pastor Ramon Cruz

What's his story? "Pastor Cruz is the charismatic head of his local Pentecostal church. Followers flock to his fiery sermons and firm, steady leadership. His teenage daughter, Mylene, has begun to rebel against their devoutly religious household, and much of Cruz’s attention is devoted to keeping her on the righteous path. Despite his strict house rules, Pastor Cruz has turned a blind eye to the shady dealings of his younger brother, and church benefactor, South Bronx City Councilman Papa Fuerte."

Where do you recognise him from? Breaking Bad, Once upon a Time, The Scorch Trials, Revolution


Who does he play? Marcus 'Dizzee' Kiping

What's his story? "Dizzee is the eldest of the Kipling children. Often misunderstood, he operates on a different wavelength than his siblings. His attention is a closely guarded resource. When something does catch his interest he’s full throttle, devouring everything he can about it. This makes him intense but exceptionally well­ read, and the most philosophical Kipling child. Dizzee observes everything, has a strong sense of irony, and prefers to express himself through his art and graffiti. He wants to have as many experiences as he can, even if that means he lives his life a little dangerously."

Where do you recognise him from? The Pursuit of Happiness, After Earth, The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Karate Kid


The Get Down is available on Netflix from 12th August


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