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What's going to happen in the McMafia series finale? Fans predict a major death

We asked the viewers to tell us how the BBC thriller will end and it's not looking good for some members of the cast...

Published: Wednesday, 25th April 2018 at 11:54 am

BBC1's McMafia left viewers on the edge of their seats at the end of episode seven, as Russian mafia boss Vadim's adored daughter Natasha was gunned down just moments after he'd called off a hit on Alex Godman (played by James Norton).


Fans suspect Alex's father, Dmitri, intended to target Vadim in order to save his son's life, but now his actions have instead put Alex in very dangerous territory indeed.

With Vadim looking positively murderous and Alex en route to Moscow, the stage is set for quite the finale. But what could happen in the series finale this Sunday? We asked the viewers for their predictions – and the consensus was rather grim...

Will Alex die in the McMafia series finale?

The vast majority of readers told us they're not holing out much hope for James Norton's Alex. He's walked a dark path throughout the series, and viewers are convinced he will have to pay the price for his descent into the criminal underworld.

"Goodbye, Alex!" one reader wrote, while others opted for the equally succinct, "Alex dies!"

"There will be no mercy now," Marion Hurley commented on Facebook, predicting that the young Godman's fall would be orchestrated by Vadim.

Could Alex kill Vadim?

Not everyone is convinced that Alex will be outsmarted by Vadim, though.

On Facebook, Alby Mallon argued that we've all underestimated the young Russian Londoner: "Alex has ordered Natasha's death, her dad wasn't the target. Alex is not as timid as we think he is."

"I have a sinking feeling that our protagonist may come a cropper," one reader commented, "which would be sad but a refreshing change!"

"Vadim is finished - too much of a loose cannon for the Russian government - Alex will be urged to step into the void," another reader said.

"Alex kills Vadim in self defence," predicted one fan of the series, while another suggested that there'd be a bloodbath with "piles of corpses" by the time the final episode has ended.


We'll have to wait until Sunday night to find out how the story ends but, much like Linda Harrison on Facebook, we've got a feeling "it will be bloody".


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