Mark Gatiss will be writing at least one episode of Doctor Who series 10

The Sherlock co-creator will be back with his ninth episode in 2017 – could it be the sequel to Sleep No More?


Mark Gatiss has revealed that he’ll be one of the writers on the new series of Doctor Who.


The writer and actor’s episode will air in 2017, and will be his third story for Peter Capaldi’s Time Lord, he confirmed in an interview with WhoSFX.

Discussing his first Doctor Who episode, 2005’s The Unquiet Dead, Gatiss said: “It seems so natural now (as I write my ninth episode – ten if you count the un-produced one!) but the forty five minute format took some getting used to.”

To explain, Gatiss has written eight episodes of Doctor Who so far, while another episode he wrote for series four was ultimately not used by then-showrunner Russell T Davies.

That leaves at least one more Who episode from Gatiss still to come. Perhaps it could be the planned sequel to series nine episode Sleep No More which he revealed to last year?


Season 10 will begin filming in July, with Pearl Mackie joining Capaldi as new companion Bill.