Mark Gatiss pitched his perfect Game of Thrones ending to the show’s creators

With only one man left standing...


With only two shorter seasons left of smash-hit fantasy drama Game of Thrones, fans are feverishly anticipating how the saga will come to a close and which beloved characters will be left standing when the final fate of Westeros is revealed.


But while the real ending is still over a year away, series cast member Mark Gatiss has revealed that he already pitched a very interesting climax for the series to showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss, involving his own moneylending character Tycho Nestoris and a twist that we definitely should have seen coming. 

“I did make a pitch to Dan and David, the showrunners, that I should be the last character at the end of the very last episode who survives,” Gatiss told at the BFI & Radio Times festival (see video below).

“Because banks, the bankers survive! They’re like cockroaches. I think that’s how it should all end.”

Sadly, it seems the series creators didn’t take him up on the idea. But they haven’t kept Gatiss out of the fold entirely, with the actor revealing that his Iron Bank of Braavos representative will be back in the new series after a year’s absence from action.

“Yes, I am coming back,” Gatiss told us. “But as ever, all my stuff is about bank loans – there are no dragons involved! What’s gone wrong?”

Clearly, the showrunners just thought a banker was dangerous enough…


Game of Thrones returns to Sky Atlantic on Monday 17th July