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Mare of Easttown creator says audiences will be surprised by ending: "They haven't been cheated in any way"

Brad Inglesby opened up about the crime drama's upcoming final episode and what readers can expect for Kate Winslet's small-town detective.

Mare of Easttown
Published: Tuesday, 25th May 2021 at 3:07 pm

Kate Winslet's acclaimed return to the small screen, Mare of Easttown, has been quite the gritty journey. The rust belt crime drama comes to an end next week, and it remains to be seen whether the Mare of Easttown finale will answer all our questions – or leave us to wonder whether Billy really did kill Erin.


Fortunately, series creator Brad Ingelsby says we won't be disappointed or confused by the final episode. The showrunner hinted at what viewers can expect from Mare's final outing during a chat with Collider.

"I hope that [viewers] will be surprised, but in a really good way and that they haven’t been cheated in any way," he says.

Of course, any good crime drama must feature a few misdirections, but Ingelsby reiterates that Mare of Easttown won't have "one of those endings where it’s like, 'If you blinked in Episode 1, it was that weird guy in the woods, or something like that. It won’t be that type of ending." That's a relief!

He adds, "I hope the mystery is surprising and compelling, but I hope what they walk away with is that they got to spend time with the group of people that they got invested in and they cared about, and were hopefully like them in some way.

"Hopefully watching Mare have to deal with this grief and cope and confront this thing that’s haunted her will illuminate their own lives in some way. And hopefully it’s moving. That’s what I always try to have a story be. I want it to be moving, in some way, and I hope that happens with this one."


The final episode of Mare of Easttown airs on Monday 31st May at 9pm on Sky Atlantic and NOW. If you're looking for something else to watch, check out our TV Guide or visit our dedicated Drama hub.


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