Litchfield prison is at war in the new trailer for Orange is the New Black series four

Things get really heavy for the inmates in the Netflix prison drama this series


When last we saw Litchfield prisoners in the finale of Orange is the New Black series three, the women had a few glorious minutes of freedom in the outside world when a fence came down. But as the trailer for series four suggests, the inmates are very much back to reality – and a more brutal reality at that.


Packed with newcomers, the prison is overcrowded and run by new ruthless CEOs which leads to a war of wills between the women and the authorities, not to mention the rising tension between the prison factions. The trailer also leaves us wondering about the fates of Alex, Nicky and Sophia…

While usually there are a few jokey scenes in a OITNB series trailer, this one is seriously heavy and full of scenes of shock, fear and tears. And lots and lots of anger. It looks like the women are being pushed right to the very edge, and there’s no telling how dark things might get.


Orange is the new Black series four is on Netflix from June 17th