In Channel 5 thriller Lie With Me, English woman Anna Fallmont (Charlie Brooks) has just moved to Australia – along with her Australian husband Jake Fallmont (Brett Tucker), who is the mastermind behind the relocation to Melbourne.


That is where the story is set, and it is also where the drama was filmed. "The locations we used were unbelievable," Brooks says, and we have to agree - the characters live in one of the most stunning houses we've ever seen on telly!

Melbourne is the capital of the state of Victoria, and sits on the coast to the south-east of mainland Australia. It is home to around five million people.

Where was the house filmed?

The central location for the drama is the Fallmont house, which was created on-screen using a real-life mansion as well as some studio sets.

Brett Tucker, known for roles such as Daniel Fitzgerald in Neighbours, says, "We filmed in Montrose, which is just past the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, out in the mountains, which is close to where I grew up. It’s just stunning out there. In fact, the house and the property really are a big character in the story, so we needed to up our game to match the location because it was stunning.

"We were blessed with some great Melbourne weather, so hopefully that helps to really bring the show to life. We were shooting in the same studio where they still shoot Neighbours, which was kind of bizarre.”

Speaking to and other press, Charlie Brooks adds, "The house envy was real - I can remember the first time we walked into that place, it was like... she’s really rich! There was a pool that I never got to go into unfortunately, a running track in the back yard and a life-size Jurassic Park dinosaur actually growling and moving in the garden!"

Blissfully happy on the surface, Anna (Charlie Brooks) and Jake (Brett Tucker) settled into their new home.

Filming Lie With Me in Melbourne

Filming for Lie With Me (then under the working title "With Intent") was underway by the time the pandemic hit in 2020, forcing a production shutdown.

Brooks says, "We’d just started the shoot and then everyone was calling me saying 'You’ve got to get back, you’re gonna get stuck out there!' The Australians were saying, 'Nah, it’s gonna be alright' – they were really laid back, really chilled.

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"But then we were suddenly fist bumping, no one was touching, the caterers had gone, meals were coming in little plastic boxes. The Prime Minister was like, 'If you don’t live here, go home' – basically, planes were going to be grounded. I was like 'Argh! I’ve got to get back,' so off I flew, a week into a five-week shoot.

"And then we picked it back up again. I thought it might be lost forever if I’m honest - but then I flew out again on Boxing Day, so I got two trips to Australia, which was amazing, thank you very much! And I was out of the country for January, which I understand was very, very bleak here. So not to rub that in, but I was very happy about that!"


Lie With Me begins tonight at 9pm and continues nightly on Channel 5. Take a look at the rest of our Drama coverage, or find out what else is on with our TV guide.