Latest Sherlock teaser features eerie glimpse of Andrew Scott’s Moriarty

Yes, we missed you – stop asking!


There are but four short days until we see the return of Sherlock to BBC1 for the beginning of its fourth series, and we still have a lot of questions. Can Mary and John’s relationship weather the arrival of their new baby Rosamund? Will Toby Jones’s new villain Culverton Smith be as bad as we’ve been promised? And will we finally learn the truth about the mysterious Sherrinford?


So many questions – and yet one looming larger than any of them is the fate of Andrew Scott’s villain Moriarty, last seen (except in, you know, magic Victorian dreams) shooting himself in the head before mysteriously reappearing on TV screens around the world repeating the phrase “Did you miss me?”

We still don’t know for sure whether Moriarty is alive, dead or somewhere in between – and now the BBC have released a creepy little teaser video that hints at the baddie’s continued involvement.

Beginning as a fairly ordinary promo image of Sherlock and John on the big screen at London’s Piccadilly Circus, things soon take a different turn as the pair’s picture is defaced by what we’re calling e-graffiti, with Moriarty’s repeated phrase – “Miss me?” flashing over the screen accompanied by Andrew Scott’s voiceover.

Does this mean Moriarty is definitely alive? Completely, 100% dead? Or is it just the continued extension of an advertising campaign that began in 2014 and we’ve all continued to report on?

Man, if only we had some sort of detective to sort all these mysteries out for us…


Sherlock returns to BBC1 at 8:30pm on New Year’s Day