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Killing Eve producer explains dramatic season three ending

The series once again ended in a climactic confrontation between Eve and Villanelle **CONTAINS SPOILERS**

Killing Eve S3
Published: Monday, 1st June 2020 at 9:31 am

In its third series, Killing Eve has secured its reputation as one of the BBC's best, and most successful, ongoing dramas - and the season ended in characteristically dramatic form.


As with the previous two series, the final scene of the third run brought the two main characters together for a climatic moment, albeit one with slightly less violent consequences this time round.

Whereas in season one the meeting between the two resulted in Eve stabbing Villanelle, and last time out the conclusion saw Villanelle shoot Eve, on this occasion they decide to peacefully walk away from each other for good - only for the pair to turn round and share a smile in the final shot.

And producer Sally Woodward Gentle has explained why the show's writers - led this series by Suzanne Heathcote - opted to go for a rather more peaceful ending this time.

"I just think they couldn't get shot again, or stabbed," she told Entertainment Weekly, "Of course, they are on a bridge and there's all sorts of drama that they could have happened there.

"I think that what was really appealing was for both of them to have an honest conversation, which we rarely see — particularly with the revelation in the earlier scene that they were both complicit in somebody else's death."

She added, "They both did it together, and in a way that's a good jumping-off point for a discussion about where they are.

"And also, for Eve to say, 'You've got to release me. I can't stop thinking about you.' And for Villanelle to say, 'Well, it's really easy. You just walk away.' They walk away and Eve turns around with Villanelle, and I think what you see in her is she knows that Eve is going to turn around.

"She knows that Eve is going to be looking back at her. Is that point-scoring, or is it actually something much more fundamental than that?

"And that's quite an interesting way to look at it. It's just a little bit more introspective than before, but that's quite fun as well, not to do the same thing every time."

Of course, Eve and Villanelle might have chosen to walk away from each other for good, but the chances of them keeping their word on that one look slim - given that the show has already been renewed for a fourth series.

It will certainly be interesting to see what event brings the two back together next time out...


Killing Eve season 3 is available to catch up now on iPlayer. If you're looking for more to watch, check out our TV guide.


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