Killing Eve producer says season 3 is “emotionally rocky” as Villanelle copes with betrayal

Our favourite duo are back!

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*Warning – this article contains spoilers about Killing Eve season two*


Villanelle (Jodie Comer) and Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh) are back on BBC iPlayer on Easter Monday for their third outing of Killing Eve.

But following that season two finale twist, it seems the game has properly changed for both of them.

The relationship between Villanelle and Eve has always been difficult, but according to producer Sally Woodward Gentle, things will become really complex in the coming weeks.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Woodward Gentle admitted our beloved duo will find things difficult throughout season three.

She said: “Both of them are completely rocked by what they mean to each other and also probably how potentially deluded they were about how they were perceived by each other.

“But also what you have with Villanelle at the end of season two is she’s really been double-crossed by the Twelve. Konstantin has completely played her. Carolyn has completely played her. Probably the only one that hasn’t played her is Eve.”

At the end of season two, it seemed like Villanelle and Eve were getting on well, but the assassin ended up shooting her former police pal.

But according to Woodward Gentle, Villanelle might have actually found something special in Eve, the only person who’s been completely truthful.

Will Eve forgive Villanelle for what she did to her? Or is this the end of their relationship – however complex that may be?

We won’t have long to wait to get all the answers we need as Killing Eve season three drops at 6am on BBC iPlayer on Monday 13th April.


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