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Kate is suspicious of Simon and Gemma in Doctor Foster sneak peek

Simon's new wife gets a taste of her own medicine...

Published: Monday, 25th September 2017 at 11:09 am

Doctor Foster viewers bore witness to Gemma and Simon's rather aggressive reunion last week – and now it looks like his wife Kate has her suspicions about the ex-couple's late-night tryst...


The young mum, who famously had a two-year fling with her now-husband behind his then-wife’s back, gets a nasty shock this week when she goes to visit him for lunch and takes a flick through his phone.

Now, the fact that she’s searching his phone in the first place hints that she KNOWS all is not well at home, but Kate seems rather unprepared for what she finds on the offending mobile.

It’s been an interesting return to Parminster for the new lady of the house, who had her wedding party crashed by Gemma in sensational style. She wasn’t long telling the good doctor where to go, though, and she unceremoniously threw Tom out of her house when she realised the true extent of his actions towards his friend Isobel.

Now, though, it seems she's had a taste of her own medicine – after all, Gemma found out about her husband's affair via a secret second phone in series one.

Kate may look shocked but we don’t think she’ll stay that way for long. Simon had best watch his back…


Doctor Foster continues on BBC1 on Tuesday nights at 9pm


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