Jonathan Creek to return for three-part series

Alan Davies is set to film new episodes of the cult crime drama after this year's much-anticipated Easter special

BBC comedy crime drama Jonathan Creek is set to return for a three-part series.


The show’s star Alan Davies has taken to Twitter to confirm that his crime-solving counterpart will be returning, and that filming on the new series will take place in the autumn:

Jonathan Creek is returning for an Easter special this year – and fans had been hoping that Davies wouldn’t hang up his dufflecoat just yet.

The series graced our telly screens for four series between 1997 and 2004, when Davies starred alongside the likes of Caroline Quentin and Julia Sawalha. The drama has since returned for a number of one-off specials, with Davies being joined by Sheridan Smith as Joey Ross, a fellow investigator.

Speaking to earlier this year at the National Televison Awards, Davies said: “I don’t know about more episodes of Jonathan Creek – there may be. [Writer] David Renwick’s got a bit of a twinkle in his eye and I think he’s enjoyed getting back to it and while BBC1 are keen on it, maybe we will do more…”


Watch our interview with him here: