We're now close the anticipated return of Fargo, and after a staggering three years with it off our screens, it's set to be one hell of a new run.


The anthology crime comedy-drama series is set to be as mind-bending and unguessable as before, with this show set to dive into the impact of debt and financial catastrophe.

Of course, like in previous seasons, this focuses on its own group of characters and stories and is set in a different era, with this run of Fargo set in Minnesota and North Dakota in 2019.

According to the synopsis: "After an unexpected series of events lands Dorothy 'Dot' Lyon (Juno Temple) in hot water with the authorities, this seemingly typical Midwestern housewife is suddenly plunged back into a life she thought she had left behind."

But as well as Temple playing Dot, Jon Hamm starring as sheriff Roy Tillman and more, Stranger Things actor Joe Keery is also set to feature in the new season as Gator Tillman. But who exactly is the character? Read on to find out.

Who is Joe Keery playing in Fargo season 5?

Joe Keery as Gator Tillman in Fargo wearing a brown cap and jacket
Joe Keery as Gator Tillman in Fargo. FX

There are many familiar faces in Fargo season 5, but Keery will be starring in the cast as a man called Gator Tillman.

Not much has previously been revealed about his character ahead of the season's release, but we do know that Gator is the son of North Dakota sheriff Roy Tillman, who is played by Jon Hamm.

He's a little helpless and a bit of a bumbling personality, but that doesn't stop him from trying to prove himself to his father.

Recently speaking to Variety at the premiere of season 5, Keery revealed that he's "been a fan of the show since the first season".

He said: "I was kind of excited for the audition and pinching myself that I was getting further along in the process. So, for me, I just feel pretty lucky to be a part of it."

Speaking more about what fans can expect from this season and his character in particular, Keery said: "Something that Noah's [Hawley] talked about this season is debt - obviously financial debt, but spiritual debt and the debt that a husband owes a wife and, for my case, what a son owes a father.

"I got to work a lot with Jon Hamm, which was a kind of unbelievable and amazing experience."

Fans will have to wait to tune into season 5 to see exactly how that father-son dynamic will unfold, but from the looks of the recently released trailer, he's trying his hardest to follow in his father's footsteps in law enforcement.

As per the official logline by FX, the series will follow Temple's Dot, a seemingly typical Midwestern housewife who is suddenly plunged back into a life she thought she had left behind.

It reads: "North Dakota Sheriff Roy Tillman (Hamm) has been searching for Dot for a long time. A rancher, preacher and a constitutional lawman, Roy believes that he is the law and therefore is above the law.

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"At his side is his loyal but feckless son, 'Gator' (Joe Keery), who is desperate to prove himself to his larger-than-life father. Too bad he’s hopeless. So when it comes to hunting Dot, Roy enlists 'Ole Munch' (Sam Spruell), a shadowy drifter of mysterious origin.

"With her deepest secrets beginning to unravel, Dot attempts to shield her family from her past, but her doting, well-meaning husband Wayne (David Rysdahl) keeps running to his mother, Lorraine Lyon (Jennifer Jason Leigh), for help.

"CEO of the largest debt collection agency in the country, the Queen of Debt is unimpressed with her son’s choice in a wife and spares no opportunity to voice her disapproval.

"However, when Dot’s unusual behavior catches the attention of Minnesota Police deputy Indira Olmstead (Richa Moorjani) and North Dakota deputy Witt Farr (Lamorne Morris), Lorraine appoints her in-house counsel and primary advisor, Danish Graves (Dave Foley), to aid her daughter-in-law.

"After all, family is family. But Dot has an uncanny knack for survival. And with her back to the wall, she’s about to show why one should never provoke a mother Lyon."

Fargo season 5 airs on FX via Hulu in the US on Tuesday 21st November 2023, with it also being released on Prime Video on Wednesday 22nd November.

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