Jenna Coleman’s Victoria to make feature-length debut after X Factor

The former Doctor Who companion will begin her reign as the young monarch in the traditional Downton Abbey slot on Sunday 28th August


Sunday August 28th looks set to be a big one for ITV as Jenna Coleman’s Victoria makes her debut straight after the second edition of The X Factor.


The period drama about the early years of one of the country’s most formidable monarchs is Coleman’s first major TV production since her Doctor Who departure, and will open with a 90-minute episode followed by seven hour-long instalments.

Written by Daisy Goodwin and produced by Mammoth Screen, the series tells the story of the first years of her reign, beginning with the moment of the Queen’s accession in 1837, and following her first faltering steps from capricious, hormonal teenager with a weak grasp on her duties and responsibilities to burgeoning monarch, and her marriage to Albert (Tom Hughes).

Another Doctor Who alumnus, Torchwood and Broadchurch star Eve Myles, is on board as Victoria’s dresser (as in lady who dresses her, not the furniture).

The show fills the 9pm post-X Factor slot previously reserved for Downton Abbey in the winter months, and will go head to head with BBC1’s flagship drama Poldark when it returns on 4th September.

As if the Strictly/X Factor Saturday night ratings showdown wasn’t tense enough, we’ve now got a weekend-long battle on the cards.

It’s a win/win for Mammoth Screen, though – they produce both series.


Victoria airs on ITV on Sunday August 28th at 9pm