Iron Fist post-credits scene reveals first footage from Daredevil season 3

"I'd rather die as the devil than live as Matt Murdock"


There is a devilish treat hiding at the very end of Netflix’s Iron Fist season two – a post-credits scene featuring our first look at Daredevil season three.


The last time viewers saw Daredevil’s Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) was in 2017’s crossover series The Defenders, where he was seen waking up in a convent, having been presumed killed beneath a collapsing building.

In the post-credits scene for Iron Fist, Murdock is very much back. Sitting in a confessional, bleeding from the nose, holding rosary beads, and wearing his old season one black costume, he confesses that the man we know as Matt Murdock may have died after all.

“I once believed that justice could be found in a court of law,’ he says, “and in the light of day. But I was fooling myself. Darkness only responds to darkness. And the truth is, I’d rather die as the devil than live as Matt Murdock.”

Of course, it’s not clear why Murdock is so full of self-loathing, or what has happened to his iconic red costume. Could this mean that Murdock is no longer a lawyer? Or that he has now fully embraced the darker, more brutal side of his superhero persona? We’ll just have to wait and see, although fan speculation that the new episodes will adapt the Born Again comic book storyline – in which Wilson Fisk’s Kingpin essentially destroys Murdock’s life – does seem to fit with this scene nicely.

One thing seems certain – Daredevil season three could be the darkest Marvel Netflix show yet.


Iron Fist season two is streaming on Netflix now