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Innocent viewers think they know who is guilty of Tara's murder

Ahead of the mystery thriller's finale, over 5,700 fans told who they think did the deed in the ITV drama

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Published: Thursday, 17th May 2018 at 9:47 am

With five key suspects and just one more episode left to air, fans of ITV drama Innocent think they've sussed out who killed Tara Collins.


In a poll of more than 5,700 readers, Alice's husband Rob Moffatt (played by Adrian Rawlins) has emerged as the frontrunner, taking 41% of the vote.

It's not exactly surprising seeing as he has confessed to hating Tara, works at a boat yard, and viewers have already seen him use the precise knot that was tied in the tarpaulin used to conceal Tara's body.

Not far behind him in the vote is David's brother, Phil Collins (Daniel Ryan). 38% of viewers think he's guilty, perhaps because Phil has previously insisted that so many others are innocent. Does this mean he's in fact the perpetrator?

Hermione Norris and Daniel Ryan in Innocent

Meanwhile Alice Moffatt (Hermione Norris) takes 10%, Tom Wilson (Elliot Cowan) is suspected by only 7% of people while Tara's husband David Collins (Lee Ingleby) only has 4%.


Luckily there isn't long left until viewers find out the truth – Innocent concludes Thursday 17th May at 9pm on ITV.


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