Where is Innocent filmed? All the locations in the ITV thriller

Katherine Kelly, Shaun Dooley, and Jamie Bamber star in Innocent season two.


ITV’s Innocent has returned for a second season, swapping the South coast for the wild, eye-catching landscape of the Lake District.

The scenic backdrops were key to the success of Innocent season one, and this standalone second season is no different, with a brand new setting.

Season two takes place in small Cumbrian community, which is rocked to its core when a local teacher, Sally Wright (Katherine Kelly in the Innocent cast), is convicted of the murder of teenage schoolboy Matty Taylor.

Five years later, a piece of evidence emerges that clears Sally Wright’s name, and she returns to the town she grew up in. And unlike season one, viewers know Katherine Kelly’s character is not guilty from the start.

Season two filmed during lockdown and social distancing restrictions, and was shot in various different locations, including in the Cumbrian market town Keswick, and in Ireland.

Read on for everything you need to know about where ITV’s Innocent season two was filmed.

Where was Innocent season 2 filmed?

Innocent season two is set in the Lake District, but the series was filmed (during the coronavirus pandemic) on location last year in both the Lake District and in Ireland.

For example, the core CID team (including DI Mike Braithwaite, played by Shaun Dooley) filmed the police station and interrogation scenes in a bubble in Dublin.

The series focuses on the small Cumbrian market town of Keswick, where protagonist Sally Wright grew up, and which was rocked when she was convicted of murder five years ago.


Jamie Bamber, who plays Sally’s ex-husband Sam, says he “shot in a very comfortable would-be Keswick in a suburban Dublin family home” during some of his character’s at-home scenes.

Speaking about the setting for Innocent season two, executive producer Jeremy Gwilt says, “This time we have the Lake District, which is a great place to set a story like this. It’s achingly beautiful and yet it’s a wild and unpredictable landscape.”

He adds, “I can wholeheartedly say that the community of Keswick welcomed us with open arms. They were incredibly supportive and incredibly enthusiastic about our attempts to bring this project to life in their midst, especially during the pandemic. In particular I must salute the generous members of the Keswick rugby club which is where we based ourselves. Because of the lock-down the club had been closed for several months and I think they actually enjoyed seeing their club-house, a real focal point of the community, come back to life with the lights back on and a fire in the grate. And of course we were able to engage a number of local people to help us with the production… unit managers, location assistants, production runners… And all of them were simply amazing.”


Katherine Kelly, who plays Sally Wright, says that filming in the Lake District was integral to her portrayal of Sally, a woman newly released from prison and reengaging with nature.

“With it being set in the Lake District it was really helpful visually, because she’s [Sally is] outside a lot. We have her sat by windows, because it’s not your choice when you can go outside when you’re in prison. In one of the documentaries I watched [for research], one of the women said she couldn’t wait to be able to just walk in a straight line. You just walk in circles in the yard in prison when it’s exercise time. We really tried to get that across. The windows are down in the car and she gets out a lot, just that thing of the senses being ignited again.”

She continues, “With that prehistoric landscape of the Lake District it’s such an easy way to plug back into the earth when you’re out in that kind of terrain. We’ve got scenes that weren’t particularly in the script that Tracey [Larcombe, the director] really wanted to include of Sally walking barefoot on the stones and feeling the ice cool water in the lake with her bare feet. Just because she’s got the freedom to do that if she wants. It’s also slowly bringing her back to life.”

Innocent series two concludes on Thursday 20th May at 9pm on ITV. While you’re waiting, visit our TV Guide to see what’s on tonight, or visit our dedicated Drama hub for all the latest news.