In the Flesh creator to turn Slender Man into US TV series

Dominic Mitchell has a new horror programme


The worst monsters are the ones you create yourself: just ask the thousands who have kept themselves up at night reading about Slender Man, possibly the world’s first meme monster.


Now Dominic Mitchell, who wrote In the Flesh, is bringing a similar nightmare to the TNT network in America, Deadline reports.

Creatures follows two young women who, fifteen year ago, tried to cut out their classmate’s heart for ‘Mr Gorgi’, an Internet bogeyman in the vein of Slender Man. Now, as the two leave an Alaskan psychiatric institution, Mr Gorgi seems to have returned.

The synopsis has clear parallels with the real life case of two Wisconsin teenagers who tried to ‘sacrifice’ a 12 year old girl to Slender Man. To be honest it would sound exploitative if Dominic Mitchell wasn’t in charge. We trust the man behind In the Flesh to do something sensitive and interesting. 


Creatures will air in 2017 as part of a block of new horror shows, along with a reinvented Tales from the Crypt helmed by M. Night Shyamalan.