How can I watch the rest of Merciless?

Everything you need to know about the new Brazilian thriller on Channel 4 and All4


Channel 4 premiered the first episode of Merciless on Sunday 18 June; here’s how to watch the rest of the series online


Where can I watch Merciless?

After the first episode aired on Channel 4, the remaining 12 instalments of Merciless are available to watch on All4 as part of Walter Presents, C4’s foreign language drama platform.

What’s it about?

The Brazilian thriller, which has been compared to the US series Dexter, follows a successful lawyer who becomes an adviser to a politician while leading a double life as a sadistic serial killer.

Walter Presents founder Walter Iuzzolino said, “Behind the Prince Charming mask lies a real monster… He’s the kind of serial killer that makes Dexter look like a softie. Dexter killed for retribution, Edu kills for pure pleasure.

“Working on the case, criminal psychologist Vera becomes obsessed with the murderer, trying to understand how his mind works and figuring out his thinking patterns. She is determined to find him, but Edu is playing a very sophisticated game, using his political connections he manages to infiltrate the police, who are utterly oblivious to the fact that the murderer is working amongst them.


“Turned on by Vera, he starts to play mind games with her, deliberately leaving clues for her. It is a dangerous, sexy cat-and-mouse dynamic, and one that is utterly riveting to watch.”