ITV crime drama Holding arrives on our screens this Monday (14th March), adapted from Graham Norton's novel of the same name and starring Conleth Hill (Game of Thrones) as a local police officer in a sleepy town.


Speaking exclusively to for his extended Big RT Interview, Holding's Conleth Hill revealed that he first read Graham Norton's bestseller before being offered the role of PJ Collins, and the "anti-hero" aspect of the character appealed to him "as a reader, not not even as an actor".

Dominic Treadwell-Collins and Karen Cogan adapted the novel, with Dominic stating: "It’s so exciting to be able to bring Graham’s beautiful novel to the screen with the creative powerhouses that are [director] Kathy Burke and Karen Cogan, with the brilliant Martina Niland producing.

"To be writing my first scripts alongside Karen and to film with Conleth and such a talented Irish cast and crew in West Cork — where my father was from and my family still are — makes this even more special."

However, just how much of the ITV series Holding stays true to the book, and how much has been changed or developed for the screen?

What are the differences between ITV's TV show Holding and the book?

Graham Norton has opened up about the differences between ITV's Holding and his own novel of the same name.

Speaking at a press event attended by, Norton revealed the "biggest change" between his book and the ITV adaptation.

"I think the biggest change - the best opening of or finding depth was in the Ross sisters, I think. My Ross sisters were much more constrained and I think they've been fully developed, those three women now, they each - each one of them could have their own show. We know them that well, and they're not like that in the book," he revealed.

In the series, Charlene McKenna from the Holding cast plays the charismatic Evelyn Ross, who had a fling with local legend Tommy Burke while he was engaged to Bríd Riordan (Siobhan McSweeney). However, when human remains are found – suspected to be Burke after he disappeared years prior – both women are placed under suspicion.

Evelyn's sisters, who she still lives with, are older sister Abigail (Helen Behan) and middle sister Florence (Amy Conroy) – minor plot spoilers follow below.

In Graham Norton's book, we also know very early on about the tragic incident that overshadowed their childhood and resulted in their codependency, but in the TV series there's a longer wait for the reveal.

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Speaking at the same event, Norton said: "I think the things I've really enjoyed about this adaptation - you know, my book is a genre book, it's 'cosy crime'. There are lots of books like my book. And what Dominic and Karen have done is, they've made a TV show that isn't like other television shows. Its tone, its feel is entirely its own, and that is so hard to do. Because everything is a bit like something else."

Holding will begin airing on ITV on Monday 14th March at 9pm. You can also find something to watch with our TV Guide.


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