Here’s who’ll play Reese Witherspoon’s character in the Cruel Intentions TV series

The 39-year-old actress won't be reprising her role in the small screen spin-off, but NBC have cast a new face as Annette Hargrove...


Reese Witherspoon won’t be following in Sarah Michelle Gellar’s footsteps and returning to the world of Cruel Intentions. Gellar, who plays conniving and cunning Kathryn, is set to reprise her role for NBC’s new TV reboot, but Witherspoon, who played Annette Hargrove in the 1999 movie, has opted not to take part.


But that doesn’t mean Annette won’t be part of the drama.

NBC have found their Reese Witherspoon replacement, casting 37-year-old Kate Levering in the role, reports Hollywood Reporter.


Levering is best known for the TV series Drop Dead Diva, as well as roles in CSI Miami, Cashmere Mafia, White Collar and NCIS: Los Angeles.


NBC’s Cruel Intentions revival will pick up 15 years after the original movie and follow Bash, the secret son of Annette and the late Sebastian, as he discovers his true parentage and is introduced into a world of sex, money, power and corruption.