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Here's what the future of Homeland looks like...

Season six is being pushed back but there could be even more Homeland on the horizon

Published: Thursday, 2nd June 2016 at 1:14 pm

Been wondering when you might see Carrie Mathison and co again? You're not alone. Here's what's currently going on with the hit CIA thriller...


Homeland has been recommissioned for a sixth season, which will be set in New York, and somewhat surprisingly, star Rupert Friend's Peter Quinn who we all thought was a goner in the season five finale. But we won't get to watch it during the autumn like we usually do.

Series six's premiere date has been pushed back to January 2017.

This change is reportedly down to the fact that the series is keen to mirror real-life. The series will be set following the US presidential election and the push back allows them "longer prep time for breaking stories."

The drama is also reportedly near a deal for a seventh and eighth run, reveals Deadline.

“Under Alex Gansa’s brilliant leadership, Homeland has shown an uncanny ability to reinvent itself which makes us supremely confident that this show will remain as distinctive, relevant and cutting edge as anything on television for as long as these producers want to continue," said Showtime CEO David Nevins.


When asked if Homeland could run even further than season eight, Nevins added: "It’s changing itself pretty dramatically each season; I think more than most, this show has an open-ended expiration date. That said, I’ve been focused on getting this deal done and not really asking what happens beyond this deal.”


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