Homeland series six will be set in New York – but is Peter Quinn alive or dead?

Showtime bosses have been discussing the upcoming series


The last time we saw Peter Quinn, it was not looking good. The spy who seemingly had nine lives had been exposed to chemical weapons and suffered a brain haemorrhage at the end of series five.


Would Homeland kill Quinn off? Surely the moment Carrie Mathison removed his pulse monitor and picked up a pillow marked her decision to euthanise her brain-damaged colleague?

Then again, Homeland fans never saw Rupert Friend’s character breathe his last, so the question remains – will he live? Will his final letter, expressing his love for Carrie, lead to a union between the pair? I must admit, I basically assumed Quinn was a goner when I watched the series five finale, but Showtime programming chief Gary Levin warns us not to be so sure.

“In terms of its reality, Quinn (played by Rupert Friend) is severely damaged,” he said at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. “The life-or-death question remains, but if he should live, it will not be – in any way, shape or form – the way he has lived to date.”

Meanwhile, Showtime Networks CEO David Nevins claims to be none the wiser. “I know and have seen as much as you know and have seen.”


Whether Quinn makes it or not, we do know that the new series will transfer back to the USA, this time shooting “in and around New York City” for a sixth series that will be “set domestically.”


Only another nine months to wait…