Here’s what happened at the end of Alec Hardy’s Tinder date in Broadchurch…

A second date is on the cards. But was there a kiss? Watch what happened next...


A dramatic series finale – and the last ever episode – of Broadchurch on Monday night revealed the culprits of a despicable crime and wrapped up most of the loose ends in the investigation.


But there was one question some viewers just couldn’t get out of their heads – what happened in DI Alec Hardy’s Tinder date a few weeks ago?

We had been shown the nervous but rather promising start to his dinner with the lovely Zoe but never heard how it worked out. Was there a kiss? Will they be seeing each other again? Could daughter Daisy have a new step-mum?

Ok, so perhaps we’re getting slightly ahead of ourselves there but it turns out that a second date is at least on the cards – even if Hardy’s preoccupation with his work initially made things even more awkward…

The clip is “a special parting gift from the Broadchurch team to ITV viewers” and is one of several deleted scenes and audio commentaries that come with the Broadchurch Series 3 DVD.


Broadchurch series three will be available on Blue-ray and DVD from Monday 24 April